Our aim is to bring the best of professional proprietary trading services, trader training and help traders maximise their full potential whilst continuing as an industry leader across the globe.



AXIA Markets Pro stands under the AXIA Trading Group as a rebrand of FCT Europe Ltd.

Founded by Roger Carlsson, FCT Group has been operating in the Futures and Options markets since 1984 and has rebranded part of the business to acknowledge its successful relationship with AXIA Futures.

All Traders of the AXIA Professional Community trade as Professional Traders with AXIA Markets Pro Limited, a company incorporated in England and Wales, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with FRN 786372.

With its headquarters in the centre of London and teams across the globe, AXIA Markets Pro provides professional, unique services for proprietary traders to some of the most experienced futures traders in Europe.

AXIA Markets Pro prides itself on being a dynamic proprietary trading company with a strong reputation, legacy and global presence of traders focused on maximising growth.


Becoming an AXIA Markets Pro trader gains you access to a community of highly driven and professional traders, with an excellent team who know what it takes to help fulfil a trader's full potential.


We believe that discipline, preparation, skills development and group learning are important keys to a successful trading career. AXIA Markets Pro champions a culture and professional environment where traders share ideas and proactively learn from one another.

To support this, AXIA Markets Pro offers traders a portal to journal and look back over their performance alongside mentors. This empowers traders to analyse their strengths and weaknesses in order to maximise growth and improvement in their trading performances.

Our aim is to continue acting as an industry leader by housing and developing the next generation of world class trading talent, and to bring the best of professional proprietary trading services and trader training to traders who are in pursuit of realising their full potential.

We as a firm are constantly looking to improve our technology infrastructure, and understand that those who stand still will not progress. If you believe you have what it takes to become an AXIA trader, then please contact us:

Contact: [email protected]